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Eight militia members were killed by security forces before the group fled, according to national broadcaster Radio Okapi. Three schoolchildren were trampled to death, and one unidentified man also died. Fighters returned again on Friday and attacked the city's airport, killing a worker for a local airline, one witness said. "From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. there was heavy fighting with small arms and heavy weapons," said Killy Ilunga, who saw the body of the dead flight attendant. "They burst into the hall of the airport. One of them beat her with a club." Another town resident said he saw the bodies of several militia members at the airport. "The situation is under our control. The airport has been under the control of our forces since this afternoon," said government spokesman Lambert Mende. "We don't have a death toll at the moment.

However, thats not an option at most tables, so he asked, Are there times when it might be preferable to stand on 16 against face or ace, rather than take a hit, assuming no card counting is being used? There are a couple of ways to approach that problem, as Fred Renzey pointed out in his Blackjack Bluebook in the 1990s. It can be the better play to stand if you see enough low cards on the table. It can be the better play to stand if your 16 consists of three or more cards and includes a 4 or 5. At the heart of the issue is that hitting vs. standing on hard 16 is a very close call. For card counters, the turning point comes when just one more low card than high card has been dealt out of a six-deck shoe. That is so close that some card counters routinely stand on 16 vs. 10 as a camouflage play, trying to make it appear they dont even know basic strategy, let alone more advanced play. For the vast majority who dont count cards, you can let the cards dealt on a single hand be your guide. Look around the table and see what the other players have face up, while also taking into consideration that dealers 10. Count the 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s, and if the total is one more than the number of 10 values showing, then youve reached the turning point where its better to stand than hit.

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Yours truly does tweet, like most sports reporters around the country, but usually just about sports and primarily during games. It can be found on Twitter at @Wallylikeitis. There's a blog by the same name. Yes, Facebook, too, but that's checked about once a month whether needed or not. Sunday night was spent reading tweets by guys like Chuck Monan, Dennis Dodd and others, when one popped up from Jen Bielema. She was defending herself against an innuendo-filled slam by an Internet reporter who said he wasn't buying the story about how Bret Bielema met Jen Hielsberg. The guy, who works for mostly respected Tucker Carlson, who started the Internet website Daily Caller, didn't call her names but it definitely had a mean undertone. Jen, who spent the first 25 years of her life in Florida, was accused of knowing who Bret was when they met. Both have said that was not the truth.

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