"When this thing hits, it's going to hit hard and it's going to put a ton of snow on the ground in a hurry," Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said, urging people to consider working from home if they could. New York City public schools - the largest U.S. school system - canceled classes on Tuesday. Districts in Boston, Fairfax County, Virginia, and Philadelphia were also shut. Federal agencies in Washington D.C. said that they were opening three hours later than normal on Tuesday. BOSTON BRACES FOR SNOW The storm comes near the end of an unusually mild winter along much of the East Coast, with below-normal snowfalls in cities such as New York City and Washington, D.C. Boston was braced for up to a foot of snow, which forecasters warned would fall quickly during the storm's peak. Washington D.C., a city which functions badly with even small amounts of snow, was expecting 5 inches (13 cm) and twice that in outlying areas.

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