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We have a good understanding of what has occurred and what the repercussions could be.” Stelford said he recommended the board contact the Woodstock Police Department regarding the embezzlement and illegal gambling accusations. Woodstock police weren’t immediately available for comment Thursday. Mayor Brian Sager wrote a letter to Moose International General Gov. Michael Leuer on May 26 that requested intervention with the local lodge. He said the the lodge’s executive board told him that a member had been engaging in illegal gambling while claiming to work on the lodge’s behalf. Sager also noted an “associated lack of responsible accounting and reporting” in regards to funds. “I certainly do not want to be forced to revoke licenses, which might result in loss of revenue and financial feasibility of one of our most cherished service organizations,” Sager wrote. “I respectively request you work with the leadership of our local lodge to swiftly and decisively address the underlying issue and eliminate the need for potentially negative municipal intervention.” Local Moose lodge officials and Leuer weren’t immediately available for comment. In the June edition of the Moose Family Center 1329’s “Moose Call” newsletter, it states the board of officers is seeking nominations.

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